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Christmas Letter Dear Uncle Bob, Aunt Linda and Family, Bill here! Well, it seems as if that special time of year is upon us — the glorious holiday season! Where did all the ti... Read more
Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Saving money is critical in today’s economy. Most people do not stop to realize just how much money they could save if they would make their home more energy ef... Read more
Kids and Television – How Much is Too Much? All parents wonder if their children are watching too much television. If left to their own devices, children would likely watch TV much more than they should. ... Read more
Breastfeeding your baby after Breast augmentation surgery Breastfed babies tend to be healthier than formula-fed babies, with lower risks for ear infections, obesity, asthma, allergies, gastrointestinal disease and ... Read more
When the One You Love Betrays You It hurts badly enough when a stranger or someone you really do not care for betrays you. When the one that you love betrays you however, it can be utterly devas... Read more

If you have experience in design either professionally or simply as an amateur you should consider the possibilities of setting up your home business as a website designer. Web designers typically earn a substantial annual income for their work. This is a home business idea that takes little startup, particularly if you already have certain...
Retirement is supposed to be the time for you to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of working.  However, it has proven less than that for many people.  Many have lived below a comfortable lifestyle during this period and some have become dependent on family members for their financial survival.
Yoga is a term that many women know well. This exercise technique has been used for relaxation for a number of years and there are many different methods and styles of yoga that will enable you to relieve stress and even sleep better at night. If you are having difficulties sleeping, there are a few gentle yoga techniques that you can perform...
Who doesn’t want to save money on groceries and other regular purchases?  Anyone who’s ever pushed a shopping cart down grocery aisles would definitely like to see better results in both quality and quantity from the money they spend.  While the price of consumer goods will likely continue to rise as they always have year after year, there...
If you’ve looked extensively at your financial options, you’ll know that building a savings portfolio is more than just putting extra money in a bank account.  In fact, putting aside cash into a regular savings plan is probably the least you can do for your money.
One of the hardest things about the recession is explaining this tough time to our children. Some parents feel that if they say nothing – then their children will not need to know anything. But children are actually much smarter than we give them credit for. They know something is going on. When you don’t say something this causes added...
Kids are never too young to learn about money.  Helping them learn the basics of money management early on will help form their attitudes about it – preparing them for a future of financial responsibility. With your guidance, your kids can learn about budgeting, saving and allocating financial resources wisely.
Teaching your child about good nutrition and healthy eating is important and should begin at an early age. The childhood obesity rate in America is higher than it has ever been and many children who suffer from obesity will have this problem throughout most of their lives. Overcoming childhood obesity begins with parents who teach their...


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